Becoming your own hunk, meet Bobby

The obsession for the perfect body.

To resemble the new archetype.

Browsing blogs, I found:

Follow this journal, monitoring a gay in his pursue to the ideal body.

“I don’t look like the men in the pictures on my blog – but I look more like them now than I did three months ago.”


Heal the homophobia with exercise.

Heal the ego.

Make it up real. The straight man phantasy. Get laid with a hunk.

Bad bobby, bad. You are fat.

Would Bobby remain embarrasst about himself, after becoming a hunk?


5 Responses to Becoming your own hunk, meet Bobby

  1. Arthur says:

    Hmm, I think I may have spotted a minor flaw in your otherwise witty, thought-provoking blog. You are supportive of variety in gay lifestyles, but appparently not of the stereotype gay and the ‘muscle mary’ in particular. However, aren’t those butch, hunky body-obsessed men just another, equally valid, part of the rich tapestry of gay life? After all, I’m a not camp, quite emo-ish gay guy who goes to the gym a bit here and there… does that me OK in your gay world or not?

  2. geektohunk says:

    My gayworld doesnt matter. Thanks for visiting

  3. Sara Bareilles – Love Song

    Sara Bareilles – Love Song

  4. emogay says:

    i am so sick of looking the way i do. i starve myself but cant get skinny i work out but dont get any muscles and i crave those hot skinny muscler boys with thelong wavey blonde hair and perfect smile but i cant get any guys cause of the way i look now if what if u r saying is true than i should just put my mind to exersize instead of the emo/anerexic way and put all my anger of not looking the awy i want to into swaeting mmy ass off and cutting a few pounds well i say i will try it and get back to you on how it worked

  5. SOG knives says:

    SOG knives…

    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?…

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