hyper masculine leather ? bullshit. i dont think so


Layers of leather: The identity formation of leathermen as a process of transforming meanings of masculinity.
Mosher CM, Levitt HM, Manley E.

Counseling Psychology Program, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, USA.

Leathermen form a gay male subculture that eroticizes leather dress and symbols. This investigation examined the relationship of participants’ leather identity to their gender and sexual identities. In addition, the participants described their process of leather identity development, and its meanings and purposes. Six self-identified leathermen participated in semi-structured interviews that were subjected to a grounded-theory analysis. The analysis suggested that leathermen develop a unique form of masculinity, integrating care and vulnerability with an aesthetic of heightened masculine appearance. Flexible interactional scripts allow for gendered signs to be enacted, designating a social status that is not recognized by the mainstream gay community. Findings are discussed in relation to previous research on gay male masculinity, gay community, sexual identity formation, and internalized homophobia.

PMID: 17135117 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


10 Responses to hyper masculine leather ? bullshit. i dont think so

  1. júlio says:

    very good !

  2. gos says:

    esta sabroso …muy buenazo

  3. david says:

    lved the read, muy bien

  4. Wolfie says:

    This is great. I actually know this guy, he’s a maintenance man at our local El Pollo Loco. I’m glad he’s loosened up a bit. We always knew he was a gayboy to no end. But it was obvious from the enjoyment he received while ‘taking care’ of the mop handle as he cleaned the floors. This is awesome. Way to go Cecil! We’re ALL proud of you back here in Las Vegas. We can’t wait to see you march in the gaboy Pride parade next month. Please don’t forget about us now that you are el famoso!

    Clone Wolf

  5. enGAYge says:

    The LGBT Community is so vast and varied with all its subcultures, genres and labels. Just like the straight world. It’s so hard to pigeonhole anyone into anything these days. People are realizing it’s ok to be themselves, and explore all facets of their sexuality. People are not one dimensional.

  6. LUIS says:


  7. Reprodukt says:

    Wolfie is obviously a straight fascist who despises gays.

  8. Tanguy, counseling psychology…

    […]hyper masculine leather ? bullshit. i dont think so « Geek to Hunk[…]…

  9. Jason Author says:

    There isn’t any reason to pigeon-hole anyone or categorize people as far as being Homosexual/heterosexual. People are sexual, we’re attracted to others for various reasons which are at times unknown even to the individual themselves. The problem with western society is accepting ourselves and others for who we are. The biggest hurtle being acceptance of ourselves for who we are.

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