Clark Kent, undercover muscle geek?

October 27, 2006

I have always wondered the closet personality of Clark Kent.

Obviously a persona projection of the geek into the hero hunk.

The looser geek and naive journalist who manage to save the world.

Ms. Louis Lane is melt down by hunks, not by geeks.


What a fetiche.

Maybe if you manage to transform yourself into a hunk you will also save the world.

Even better, you will become the hero of your hunky Batman.



Keep reading men’s health magazine. While fat old geeks like Yahoo CEO continues making millions.

Terry S. Semel Chairman and CEO
Yahoo (YHOO2005 Total compensation: $56.8 million



Cinderella, but straight super hunk

August 24, 2006

His father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, nicknamed him “Cinderella” as a child.

Bodybuilding was his ticket to a better life.


He recorded for winning the most major bodybuilding events in history.

Long, and successful movie career.

Running social projects and the special olympics.

He is now the Governor of California.

Not a geek, but very smart.

Got the muscles? What else have you done as gay hunk?.

If you want to read more about Arnold,

try, wikipedia or just google it, you know what to do.

Charles Atlas

August 15, 2006

Just like in the Atlas advertising.

“Be somebody with a body”. To be popular, attractive. To be sexual, masculine and respectfull. To get rid off your gayness…

You arent the victim anymore. But the perpetrator. The pleasure to deny and dominate others?

Hunk 30,000. Hero or Anti-heroe?

August 13, 2006

The hunk, the bulky attractive guy is often everybody favorite’s darling. Typical identified with good qualities, the gay hunk is over idealized.

The admired hunk, might no have outstanding achievements. What about the noble qualities?

With more than 30.000 hits in your gaydar profile, you arent the looser. But probably the bully one. The one who can discriminate, dominate and get anyone to bed. The hunk as modern anti-heroe?

You may not have money, class position, rank or degrees. But you are a Hunk.

The overidealized gay heroe.