hyper masculine leather ? bullshit. i dont think so

October 19, 2007


Layers of leather: The identity formation of leathermen as a process of transforming meanings of masculinity.
Mosher CM, Levitt HM, Manley E.

Counseling Psychology Program, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, USA.

Leathermen form a gay male subculture that eroticizes leather dress and symbols. This investigation examined the relationship of participants’ leather identity to their gender and sexual identities. In addition, the participants described their process of leather identity development, and its meanings and purposes. Six self-identified leathermen participated in semi-structured interviews that were subjected to a grounded-theory analysis. The analysis suggested that leathermen develop a unique form of masculinity, integrating care and vulnerability with an aesthetic of heightened masculine appearance. Flexible interactional scripts allow for gendered signs to be enacted, designating a social status that is not recognized by the mainstream gay community. Findings are discussed in relation to previous research on gay male masculinity, gay community, sexual identity formation, and internalized homophobia.

PMID: 17135117 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


Muscularity as defeminization or scape to self-homophobia?

October 17, 2007

1: J Homosex. 2001;42(1):1-28.Links
Marginalization among the marginalized: gay men’s anti-effeminacy attitudes.
Taywaditep KJ.

Counseling Center, University of Illinois at Chicago, 60607-7164, USA. Kittiwut@uic.edu

Contemporary research has shown that a significant portion of gay men have traits, interests, occupations, and behaviors that are consistent with the stereotype of gay men as effeminate, androgynous, or unmasculine. A great number of gay men exhibit gender nonconformity during childhood; most, however, “defeminize” during adolescence, possibly in response to stigmatization and society’s gender-role prescription. Only a relatively small percentage of gay men continue to be gender-nonconforming in their adulthood, often at a price, as they also tend to have lower psychological well-being. Although gay culture historically appreciated camp and drag, which subvert the gender-based power hierarchy and celebrate gender nonconformity, anti-effeminacy prejudice is widespread among gay men. Ironically, gender-nonconforming gay men may suffer from discrimination not only from society at large, but from other gay men, who are most likely to have experienced stigmatization and may have been effeminate earlier in their lives. Drawing from anecdotes and findings from various sources, this article suggests that beyond many gay men’s erotic preference for masculinity lies contempt and hostility toward effeminacy and effeminate men on sociopolitical and personal levels. Two correlates of gay men’s anti-effeminacy attitudes are proposed: (a) hegemonic masculinity ideology, or the degree to which one subscribes to the value system in which masculinity is an asset, and men and masculinity are considered superior to women and femininity; and (b) masculinity consciousness, or the saliency of masculinity in one’s self-monitoring, public self-consciousness, and self-concept. These two variables are hypothesized to interact with gay men’s self-perceived masculinity-femininity and their history of defeminization in predicting attitudes toward effeminacy. Research is underway to measure levels of anti-effeminacy attitudes and explore hypothesized correlates.

PMID: 11991561 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

Clark Kent, undercover muscle geek?

October 27, 2006

I have always wondered the closet personality of Clark Kent.

Obviously a persona projection of the geek into the hero hunk.

The looser geek and naive journalist who manage to save the world.

Ms. Louis Lane is melt down by hunks, not by geeks.


What a fetiche.

Maybe if you manage to transform yourself into a hunk you will also save the world.

Even better, you will become the hero of your hunky Batman.



Keep reading men’s health magazine. While fat old geeks like Yahoo CEO continues making millions.

Terry S. Semel Chairman and CEO
Yahoo (YHOO2005 Total compensation: $56.8 million



Becoming your own hunk, meet Bobby

September 27, 2006

The obsession for the perfect body.

To resemble the new archetype.

Browsing blogs, I found:

Follow this journal, monitoring a gay in his pursue to the ideal body.

“I don’t look like the men in the pictures on my blog – but I look more like them now than I did three months ago.”


Heal the homophobia with exercise.

Heal the ego.

Make it up real. The straight man phantasy. Get laid with a hunk.

Bad bobby, bad. You are fat.

Would Bobby remain embarrasst about himself, after becoming a hunk?

Curie and Anderson

September 9, 2006

Imagine you are Marie Curie.

How would you feel towards Pamela Anderson.

You are trying to make substancial progress in society.

Striving for excellence. Beyond the conventional. Lighting up progression.

You are trying to stand up for the women role in society.

Yet Pamela, selling herself in playboys porn, baywatch or whatsoever.


While working on my phD in a world top laboratory.

With the purpose to enhance health.

With the hope to publish new findings.

I also wonder about Michael Lucas, the hunk gay porn star.

Object of projection. Projection of desire. Object of obsession.


Hunk, as beauty queen

August 31, 2006

While everybody is claping and amusing, Mr. Gay Europe 2006 muscles.

Mr. Gay Hungary, Nandor Gyongyosi, with his best choke behind smile said “Hungarians generally think that gays are all feminine boys, and I would like to prove that this is not the case”.

Do you truly distinguish the difference between the popular high school beauty queen and Nandi?.

Congratulations Nandi, you have made a difference.

We are now more enthusiastic to embrace our masculinity, and expose ourselves as sexual objects.


Cinderella, but straight super hunk

August 24, 2006

His father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, nicknamed him “Cinderella” as a child.

Bodybuilding was his ticket to a better life.


He recorded for winning the most major bodybuilding events in history.

Long, and successful movie career.

Running social projects and the special olympics.

He is now the Governor of California.

Not a geek, but very smart.

Got the muscles? What else have you done as gay hunk?.

If you want to read more about Arnold,

try http://www.imdb.com, wikipedia or just google it, you know what to do.