Curie and Anderson

September 9, 2006

Imagine you are Marie Curie.

How would you feel towards Pamela Anderson.

You are trying to make substancial progress in society.

Striving for excellence. Beyond the conventional. Lighting up progression.

You are trying to stand up for the women role in society.

Yet Pamela, selling herself in playboys porn, baywatch or whatsoever.


While working on my phD in a world top laboratory.

With the purpose to enhance health.

With the hope to publish new findings.

I also wonder about Michael Lucas, the hunk gay porn star.

Object of projection. Projection of desire. Object of obsession.



Hunk, as beauty queen

August 31, 2006

While everybody is claping and amusing, Mr. Gay Europe 2006 muscles.

Mr. Gay Hungary, Nandor Gyongyosi, with his best choke behind smile said “Hungarians generally think that gays are all feminine boys, and I would like to prove that this is not the case”.

Do you truly distinguish the difference between the popular high school beauty queen and Nandi?.

Congratulations Nandi, you have made a difference.

We are now more enthusiastic to embrace our masculinity, and expose ourselves as sexual objects.


Emo, the new gay geek

August 26, 2006

“Emo” = emotional. It is a transparent character.

The emo doesnt fight for acceptance.

How many people do not feel alone, sad and write poetry.

How many do not feel the pain of “Picked last in gym classes”.


There is a trend of gay boys into the “emo” movement.

Many punks and weirds feel the same rejection from the “populars”.

“Emos” are ostracise with punk music, veggies and their miserable existance.

They are not straight acting wannabees, developing crushes on idealize hunks.

It is a very brave character, stronger than a muscle protein princess.

Instead, they are alternative geeks expressing their anger and depression.

Rebeling against the main stream.

Hopefully in search of a positive self image, and a succesfull exit to life existance.

More about on

Cinderella, but straight super hunk

August 24, 2006

His father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, nicknamed him “Cinderella” as a child.

Bodybuilding was his ticket to a better life.


He recorded for winning the most major bodybuilding events in history.

Long, and successful movie career.

Running social projects and the special olympics.

He is now the Governor of California.

Not a geek, but very smart.

Got the muscles? What else have you done as gay hunk?.

If you want to read more about Arnold,

try, wikipedia or just google it, you know what to do.

Meet Robert

August 19, 2006

Robert could be a geek. The best little perfect boy.

Gay, lawyer, single and 31 years old.

Relax Robert, and Flow!

Have a look on this excellent video, VH1’s show “cant get a date”.

The Geek as Persona

August 17, 2006

The opposite of the Hunk might be the Geek.

Another variation is “the best little boy” as some other authors have reported (Andrew Tobias).

The brainy look to hide, an anorexic sexuality.

Both, the Hunk and the Geek, are obssesively competitive.

They are both filled with fear and insecurity.

Both in search of a positive masculine identity.


Charles Atlas

August 15, 2006

Just like in the Atlas advertising.

“Be somebody with a body”. To be popular, attractive. To be sexual, masculine and respectfull. To get rid off your gayness…

You arent the victim anymore. But the perpetrator. The pleasure to deny and dominate others?